Earning the CFA Designation

Chartered Financial Analyst pic
Chartered Financial Analyst
Image: investopedia.com

Delos Shipping cofounder Brian D. Ladin is an accomplished investment and financial professional. Having previously served as a partner at both Bonanza Capital and Talisman Capital Partners, Brian D. Ladin has extensive experience managing multimillion-dollar investments and is a Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA.

Recognized as one of the financial profession’s most rigorous designations, the CFA designation is a key certification for investment professionals working in the area of research and portfolio management. In order to receive the CFA designation, professionals must possess at least 48 months of relevant work experience and pass three 6-hour examinations over the course of several years. The examinations are offered on an annual basis and often require around 300 hours of study. Between 40 and 65 percent of students pass each level of the exam.

The first-level exam is typically held two times a year, in summer and winter, while the second and third are held once a year, typically in summer. The level 1 exam focuses on basic comprehension and knowledge of investment tools. It also tests a professional’s ethical and general standards of practice. The level 2 exam serves to demonstrate a professional’s ability to apply basic standards and complete complex analyses, while level 3 asks professionals to apply all previous coursework to manage the portfolios of a range of entities.


Houston Rockets Name Mike D’Antoni as New Head Coach

Mike D'Antoni pic
Mike D’Antoni
Image: nba.com

Brian D. Ladin is the founder of Delos Shipping, a company which leverages its in-house research bench and its industry relationships to identify appropriate vessel acquisition candidates from different segments of the shipping industry. Brian D. Ladin also follows sports and is a fan of the Houston Rockets.

Established in 1967, the Houston Rockets is a professional basketball team in the NBA with two championships (1994, 1995) in the course of its history. Recently, the Houston Rockets named a new head coach in the person of Mike D’Antoni. Mike D’Antoni is the 13th head coach in the franchise’s history and the fifth since 1993 when Leslie Alexander became owner of the team.

D’Antoni boasts of 25 years of coaching experience. When he was the head coach of the Phoenix Suns from 2004-2008, he led the team to a record of 232 wins versus 96 losses. The Suns also went to the Western Conference Finals in 2005 and 2006. For his accomplishments in his first year of coaching the Suns, D’Antoni was named the NBA Coach of the Year for the 2005-6 season.

It is for his accomplishments in the field that Leslie Alexander and the management team considered him for the post. Alexander adds that with his caliber of coaching and experience, D’Antoni will be able to reignite the team’s pursuit for an NBA championship.

The Rigorous Chartered Financial Analyst Exam from the CFA Institute

CFA Institute pic
CFA Institute
Image: cfainstitute.org

Brian D. Ladin is the founder of both Delos Shipping and Delos Investment Management. His companies have offices in the United States and Athens, Greece. As a leading financial professional, Brian D. Ladin is also a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) charter holder.

Qualified financial professionals can earn the CFA credential by taking and passing a rigorous exam. This test is intentionally difficult, and most candidates do not succeed on their first attempts. Within the last decade, the average pass rate is just 42% for all candidates.

The CFA exam is offered by the CFA Institute, which is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, with other offices in major cities around the world. The Institute was established to provide resources to any financial professional who wishes to seek professional development and continuing education. The organization also has a hand in the overarching ethical direction of the financial industry.

Registration is open for the December 2016 exam now. The final deadline for applications is September 14. Prospective candidates can begin the registration process by visiting the CFA Institute’s website.

The 2016 Kincaid School Auction

Kincaid School Image: kinkaid.org
Kincaid School
Image: kinkaid.org


Brian D. Ladin, founder of both Delos Investment Management and Delos Shipping, studied political economy at Tulane University. Prior to enrolling at Tulane, Brian D. Ladin graduated from the Kincaid School in Texas, which he continues to support.

In 2016, the Kincaid School hosted its auction, which occurs every three years to raise crucial funding to support programs. The most recent event benefited the David Underwood Endowment Fund for Teaching Excellence. The fund affords advancement of education, beyond graduate-level degree programs, for the institution’s teachers. It also pays for special faculty training that enhances students’ academic experience.

The auction, themed “A Night in Old Havana,” took place on February 8, and tickets sold out. Attendees enjoyed food and drinks as well as entertainment, and participated in live and silent auctions. Those unable to attend could join the festivities through the online auction platform, a new feature introduced this year.

Community Service at Kinkaid Preparatory School

Kinkaid School  pic
Kinkaid School
Image: kinkaid.org

CFA Brian D. Ladin is the co-founder of Delos Shipping, an investment firm in the shipping industry. In addition to his work, Brian D. Ladin gives back to the educational institutions he attended, including Tulane University in Lousiana, Greenhill School, and the Kinkaid preparatory school in Houston, Texas.

Founded in 1906 by Margaret Kinkaid, the Kinkaid School is a non-sectarian day school for children from kindergarten through high school with an enrollment of over 1,400 students. As a part of their mission to provide education for the whole child, Kinkaid School students are required to practice community service in partnership with various Houston organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and the Special Olympics.

The students in grades nine through 12 must complete at least one credit for community service within the school year. Their projects must be collaborative and service oriented, rather than for fundraising purposes. In order to maintain the integrity of these projects, the Community Service Council, which is comprised of student volunteers, meets on a weekly basis. The meetings are open to all interested Kinkaid high school students.

Discovering London’s Thames Path

London's Thames Path pic
London’s Thames Path
Image: visitlondon.com

Prior to founding Delos Shipping, Brian D. Ladin served as a partner at a Dallas-based investment firm, managing $600 million in assets. Outside of work, Brian D. Ladin enjoys traveling. Having visited a number of cities in both Asia and Europe, he cites London as one of his favorites.

London has always been a popular destination among tourists, and a trip to the capital of Great Britain would certainly not be complete without visiting the major attractions such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Tower of London. However, there is more to London than these popular destinations, and tucked away in the corners are some hidden gems which any tourist is likely to enjoy.

The Evening Standard recently surveyed Londoners about what they thought were the capital’s best-kept secrets and while there were over a hundred responses, visitlondon.com trimmed the list to down the top 20. The Thames Path made the list.

The Thames Path is a 40-mile long path stretching along the Thames river which features some of London’s lesser-known treasures. It is recommended for visitors who want to get away from the bustle and noise of downtown London, as there are many places where peace and quiet can be enjoyed. Hiring a bike is an excellent way to explore the path. Along the way, you can find several public beaches and you can stop in at The Prospect of Whitby – one of Charles Dickens’ favorite pubs. The quaint village of Rotherhithe is also one of the highlights of the path.

Tulane University Donors Create 60 New Endowed Scholarships


Tulane University pic
Tulane University
Image: tulane.edu

Brian D. Ladin oversees all operations of Delos Shipping, the company he cofounded in 2008. As a Tulane University graduate, Brian D. Ladin also supports his alma mater through charitable donations.

As education costs continue to skyrocket, scholarships are becoming even more important for college students across the nation. This is especially true for students at private schools, who pay an average $20,000 more each year than their peers at state schools.

The Cowen Scholars Program at Tulane University helps dozens of Tulane students afford their dream education. Spearheaded by the Glazer, Berger, and Corasaniti families, this program offers to match donations of $50,000 or $100,000 in order to create a $6 million scholarship fund. Donations of all sizes are welcome, even if they do not qualify for donation matching.

This fund will create 60 new scholarships to be awarded to qualified “Cowen Scholars.” These students can use the funds to pay their tuition and fees for extracurricular activities, helping them enjoy fruitful years at Tulane.